Thursday, 22 July 2010

Finnished Grenadier Centaurs - a Disappointing Result.....

Well, they're both done and dusted, but as the title suggests I'm not really happy. This is specifically because i couldn't get two of the crew into the Centaurs. The Top-side Gunner and the Sergeant. There's simply not enough room! I started to force them, but i decided against that, and just went with the four crewmen. A shame really.

The overall result is good i suppose, but I'm just really disappointed!! On a positive note, i decided to try out the Quickshade on the crewmen (out of curiosity, but mainly because i was feeling lazy!) For those who haven't read my other blog, Quickshade is made by Army Painter and is bloody brilliant! Simply dip your miniature into the Quickshade and shake off the excess and you've got a fully shaded model which is also varnished. The effect was great on the Kreig, and future models will definitely be seeing a dip into the Quickshade!

Now that the whole army's done, I'll get a group shot done and up on the blog!


  1. That's too bad the other crewmen wouldn't fit inside, but otherwise these look really good and are such cool models. The weathering and mud is very impressive. Great work!

  2. Good gritty Kreig look on these. Really a shame about the other two crew not fitting. They look like they do on the FW site. I'm sure you'll find other duties for them somewhere else in the army.


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