Thursday, 8 December 2016

Return from the Grave!

Wow, its been so long I've had to dust off my keyboard to begin writing this!

(Archive media - not GunGrave's actual computer...but pretty close!)

Just a quick one to say that i'm back online after a very busy few months, mainly with the new house, but also with lots of hobby goodness that i want to share with you all! A few of the highlights to come:

  • A shed load of new Infinity models!
  • My first Infinity Tournament.
  • A Meg Maples painting masterclass.
I'm also pleased to say that my 30K interest is slowly returning, mainly due to the Custodians and Sister of Silence release. I may even start to rummage through the boxes and paint some of them up. So what else has been happening?
  • I sold my Warlord Titan - ...and my Reaver...and my Legio Astorum Knights! Yes, i know this basically amounts to hobby treason, but a very nice guy from America made me an offer i couldn't refuse, and i was able to install a brand new boiler and central heating system in my house as a result! It was a shame i couldn't get him to the table, bit at the end of the day he was just sitting in a cabinet looking awesome. Now they're all in a new home being used loads and still looking awesome! I have vowed to the Omnissiah to one day rebuild the Legio!
  • The Basement dream is dead - well at least for now. As the quotes kept coming in it was becoming increasingly obvious that i would need more money. A LOT more money!! With a new house and a wedding next year, the reality is that the hobby basement will have to wait. For now i was able to upgrade the existing hobby space, pics to follow. 
  • I got a new job - I've spent the last 6 weeks going through interview processes (3 jobs, 3 stages to each interview, each with a presentation!) ergh, i've so had it with interviews! Good news is i got a tonne of offers, and i picked one i liked! More money, company car, and a shed load of other perks mean the basement can get back on track a little bit quicker!
Those are the broad strokes for now! I've got a load of hobby content coming up very soon.

The GunGrave


  1. Great news on the job, and selling Titans means you'll be warm when you are building the next ones! Welcome back mate

  2. Welcome back, man - glad to hear about the new job, congrats!

  3. Welcome back! Glad to hear you have made progress on all fronts. Shame the basement is on hold, these things get easier when you have a little equity on the house though.

    I'm stunned you sold the Titans, that must have been one hell of an offer, those things must have been worth a fortune!

    Now, paint something ;)

    1. It was a great offer, but a lady never kiss and tells! ;-)

  4. Thanks all, its great to be hobbying again!

  5. Fantastic to have you back, and glad the mojo is returning. Look forward to seeing what youve been up to.

  6. Nice to see you back up and running Tim. Also with the titans sometimes you just have to sacrifice as an adult and boilers are blumming expensive. Good luck with the new job

  7. I might just say that when we moved into our house over 16 years ago we looked at a loft conversion, it was in the region of £16,000 which we just didn't have. When we did get round to it a couple of years ago the final cost was more like £35,000. So if the new job means you can go ahead with it then do it sooner rather than later as it'll never get any cheaper.

    1. You make a very convincing point Dave! I'll have to get that overtime in I think!!

  8. Welcome back boyo. So glad you're continuing with this blog, I'm a fairly new reader and I've just got back in the hobby after 15 years away, can't tell you how helpful and interesting your posts have been! Keep up the good work!

    All the best from Australia.


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