Friday, 30 December 2016

Infinity Tournament - Incom Gaming

So as promised, here is a bit about the quality tournament i attended way back in September.

This was my first Infinity tournament, so i was a little apprehensive to say the least! I hadn't been playing Infinity for very long, and there were a pile of rules to remember! But my buddies Dave and Luke were adamant that the best way to learn the rules is to play in a tournament! So in i dived!

The tournament was to be held in Cheltenham by Incom Gaming. This wasn't a club i'd been to before, but i had heard of them. This was also their first Infinity tournament, so i wasn't quite sure what to expect. As it turned out, they did a spot on job! It was well organised with some pretty decent terrain to play on!

Sadly i was a bit engrossed so didn't manage to take many pictures. I did snap the tables before we started:

This was the table i played on for my second game, and i actually remembered to take some pictures!

My blonde bombshell holding the right flank. She was devastating!

most of my force charged up the middle on turn one to secure the narrow doorway splitting the board.

My other favorite MVP, Agema with missile Launcher, who held the left flank with a nice straight fire lane to practice hurling missiles down!

When it was all said and done i came out with a Win, a Loss and a Draw! Not bad for my first tourney!

I also entered the painting competition, which i was crowned winner! There wasn't a great deal of entries, but it was still nice to win! That's me with a paintbrush in my mouth, second from left on the bottom row, and my mate Luke who came overall second in the top right. My other mate Dave who was also there had a bit of a shocker i'm afraid...

Overall a great tourney, and i'd definitely go again! Will be keeping an eye out for the next one!

The GunGrave


  1. Not my best tournament, stupid morats. Although I'll feel better after kicking your Aleph butt again


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