Monday, 23 August 2010

Squad 3 Progress, and a Bargain Vendetta!

Squad 3 continues to be painted bit by bit (blaming work for that again) The final 2 special weapons are in this squad, 2 melta gunners, with some questionable conversion! I have to admit, i rushed these 2 conversions and kinda shoe horned the weapons onto the model! I don't think its TOO obvious though.....ahem.

I managed to bag this built and undercoated Vendetta off eBay for the bargain price of 32quid! That includes the postage, so i was dead chuffed! This bad boy is next on the list once squad 3 is complete, 'cos quite frankly, I'm so bored with painting infantry at the mo! More on that once it gets going!


  1. Congrats on the great Vendetta deal!
    Those meltas do look a little heavy to be lifting over your head. Have you thought about cutting the arm below the shoulder pad so you can rotate the arm?

  2. Yeah i did consider that, but it still left me with my origional problem which was the arm NOT holding the weapon. The problem with the Elysians is that theyre all pre made to hold a specific weapon, be it lasgun or a special. The weapons all have the supporting hands moulded to the gun, with the supporting arms ending in a stump. Im no good at sculpting so i selected the models and the arms that were the easiest to convert (ie: no sculpting involved!) Unfortunately that then left me with the problem that you identified! Just gonna have to pretend that theyre propper buff elysians (like Bragg from Gaunts Ghosts, but many!!)


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