Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Last Vendetta Complete; A Few More Kabalites

Well, i don't think I'm ever going to buy, paint, or even look at another Valkyrie kit again! This is the 6th and final one for my Elysian list, and I'm very glad that they're all done. Same colour scheme, weathering, etc as the other 5!

Thanks for the scenic base suggestion from Col. Corbane! I really liked the idea of the cracked wadi, and this is what i went with! I used some modeling styrene to make the 'frame' of the wadi, and this was then covered in MilliPut for texture and detail. The little streams were then easy to sculpt into the wall of the wadi. The floor of the wadi will be covered in Water Effects and will hopefully resemble a shallow stream! I'll paint the base accordingly before i apply the water effects. I would really like to add some vegetation to this base as well, but i haven't got any in my bits box at the moment. I think I'll come back to that at a later date.

The back of the Wadi was covered up with plasticard, pinned and glued in place. This will be painted black.

And finally some more on the Kabalite Warriors. In my last post I'd said that I'd have these guys all done by the end of today! But i didn't realise how soul destroying double highlighting all those angles on the armour plating would be! So i limited today's work on them to 5 warriors to preserve my sanity! I'm liking the snow bases even more in the group shot, and i really think it makes the models a little more interesting!


  1. Good looking bases there. Looking forward to seeing the finished wadi.

    In agreement about the time consuming nature of the DE highlighting, though I'm finding it enjoyable! Maybe it's the change of pace from the comparatively flat marines.

    Do you have a name for your Kabal? They're similar to the Poisoned Tongue from the codex.

  2. Your right they are very similar! I have a few ideas for names:

    Kabal of the Screaming Soul
    Kabal of the Tourtured Soul
    Kabal of the Pierced Eye
    Kabal of the Unending Cry

    Thats all i've got so far! Might run a poll or something!! Good luck with your Kabalites!


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