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Apocalypse Battle Report: Orks vs Imperial guard (Part 2)

After an eventful Imperial turn, it was time for Gazkhull and his Warbosses to reply! With no further Ork reserves, it was straight into the Movement phase.

The first thing that Dai did was rally his fleeing Deffkopptas; easily done now they were within range of Gaz' himself! The Green Tide continues to advance up the side of the right flank, using their WAAA move in the this phase to save time! Not to be outdone, Gaz' also uses his WAAAA this turn, enabling the Warboss and his Nobz from the wrecked Trukk to get moving towards the Imperial lines. The surviving Trukkks continue up the middle while Zagstruck and his Stormboyz continues their advance up the edge of the opposite flank.

On the left flank, the heavily damaged (but far from destroyed!) Stompas grind into action. The Stompa closest to the middle of the table advances 6" (due to his Drive Damaged result) and disembarks its compliment of 8 Burna Boyz. The second Stompa follows suit, pivoting 45degrees and disembarking 12 Ork Nobz to its rear. The Ork forces occupying the far edge of the left flank remain stationary for the time being.

Nobz disembark from the Stompa

Its Dakka time, and the Lootaz on the left flank took full advantage of the kind Valkyrie pilots positioning, and took 36 shots at his rear armour, scoring 11 hits! not bad for Orks! This resulted in 3 Glancing Hits (Immobilised, Weapon Destroyed (Rocket Pod), and a Crew Shaken) and 3 Pen's (Weapon Destroyed (Rocket Pod), Crew Shaken, and a Crew Stunned) All in all, i think the Valk' got off lightly! While all this was going on, the Ork Wierdboy was going even more insane, and failed his Psychic Test, while the Shokk Atackk gun took a S7 shot at one of the Imperial Navy Punishers, inflicting a Crew Stunned. Good news for him! The right flank saw not shooting; everything either being out of range, or taking advantage of one WAAAA or another!!

The assault phase commenced on the left flank, seeing the nobz from the Stompa duel charge the Elysian and Vostroyan Melta Vet' teams, while the Burnaz from the other Stompa duel charged the Elysian Melt Vet's and their Vendetta. In the centre of the flank the Boyz squad charges one of the Elysian Vet' squads that disembarked from the Valkyrie. The Nobz easily wiped out both the Elysian and the Vostroyan squads that they duel charged, causing multiple casualties and forcing impossible leadership checks that, predictably, failed! The Boyz in the centre did likewise, killing off the entire squad of Elysians and taking only 1 casualty themselves. The Burnaz did equally well, wiping out the Elysian Vet's and inflicting a Crew Shaken result on the Vendetta. A good round of assault for the Orks!

The Orks after their sucessful assault

Now it was time for the last of the Imperials reserves to arrive! Originally we intended for these reserves to arrive from the same table edges as the Orks, but due to the slow rate of advance by the Orks, and the potential for the Orks be be unfairly caught between a 'Hammer and Anvil', we decided that these reserves should come on randomly on the long table edges. Here's how they arrived!

Praetorian moves to cover the centre of the field on his flank, and the Baneblade rolls on while its gunners rubbed their hands with glee, and targeted the Green Tide! In between the shadows of these leviathans came Captain Gerek in his Taros, moving on 12" and targeting the Green Tide with his grenade launcher.

Krieg Armoured Fists Squads arrive

Eliments of the Krieg Armoured Regiment arrive

A Squadron of Krieg Leman Russ arrive behind Ork lines

The Krieg Baneblade eyes up the Green Tide!

Praetorian eyes up everything!

The Elysian Vultures continued their push onto the board, moving flat out to secure the Temple entrance with their Punisher Cannons, while their Imperial Navy brother took cover behind a building to weather the now functioning Stompa weaponry, leaving his Stunned buddy where he is! The surviving Elysian squad on the left flank reembarks onto their Valkyrie and gets the hell out of Dodge, moving at top speed away from the Stompas. The Vendettas that still functioned held their position and continued to target the rear of the Stompas.

Elysian Vultures secure the entrance of the Temple

Elysian Valkyrie retreats from the Stompas!

Imperial Navy Vultures take cover

Vendettas press the advantage and continue to target the rear of the Stompas

On the right flank Imperial Armoured elements formed a gun line, ready to receive the charge of the green hoards!

Imperial gun line

The Vendettas were now committed, and targeted the Stompas in the shooting phase. The Elysian Vendetta near the centre of the left flank scored 1 Pen' and destroyed its Supa Gattla, leaving it with nothing but minor offensive ranged weaponry. The second Elysian Vendetta scored 1 Glancing hit, inflicting a Gun Crew Shaken result, but also scored a Pen, managing to remove the final Structure Point from the rusting leviathan! I rolled a 6 on the Catastrophic Damage Table, causing a huge 3D6" S9 AP2 explosion! The inferno travelled 13", killing 9 Nobz, 8 Gretchin, and 7 Ork boyz. Not to mention Immobilising 1 of the Vendettas  and Stunning the remaining Valkyrie. Despite the carnage, the result was a good one for the Imperials!

Pre-Stompa BOOM!

Post-Stompa BOOM!
(sorry 'bout the pics; they're doing their sideways thang again!)

The Baneblade targets the Green Tide, and its mighty guns spoke! 39 Orks died to the Baneblade Cannon, but only an additional 2 were killed by its secondary weapons. On the opposite side of the board, the Armoured Regiment had minimal success. The Demolisher Squadron only managed to kill 6 Stormboyz, while  the other Russ Squadron couldn't hit their intended target of Gaz's Battlewagon. The Company Command Tank had more luck, scoring a pen' on Gaz's Wagon with its Vanquisher cannon, but the Big Mek's Custom Force field saved it! The Gun line in the centre performed poorly, the combined firepower of a Russ, 2 Chimeras and 2 Sentinels just managing to bring down a Nob from the Warbosses retinue in the centre. This particular Warboss became known as 'Bulletproof'!!

The Baneblade targets the Green Tide

Green Tide before Baneblade....

Green Tide after!

Lastly, it was the turn of the mighty Praetorian and the guns of the God-Machine spoke! The Gatling Blaster targeted the Green Tide, scoring 69 hits, 54 wounds, but  only 21 casualties due to the presence of a Pain Boy! The Apocalypse missile Launcher added its firepower to the devastation killing off a further 15 from the Green Tide. With the Princeps' patience running short, he ordered the Moderatii to target Gaz's Battlewagon with the Laser Blaster! 3 Pen's were scored on Gaz's wagon and a hit was also scored on the adjacent Truckk - both exploded!! With a satisfied smirk, the Princeps set about reloading his guns for the next salvo!
This ended the shooting phase, and the Gretchin on the left flank were the only unit to flee. No assaults were made.


The last turn - it was all or nothing for the Orks if they wanted to take the Temple!

On the right flank, the Stormboyz moved to engage the Russ squadron that thinned their numbers last turn, while the Deffkoptas in the centre re-routed to tackle the Russ Squadron that appeared behind heir lines. They were joined by the last surviving Trukk, who's Nobz and warboss deployed in front of  the Tanks. Gaz and his nobz were now on foot and continued to advance up the middle in an effort to kill SOMETHING, as did the now Truckk-less Warbosses and their surviving retinues. These were followed by the Boyz squads, and the Green Tide continued its implacable advance. 

The Orks advance on the right flank

The Warboss and the Deffkopptas move to engage the Russ Squadron

Zagstruck and his Stormboyz charge the Russ

On the left flank the Ork survivors move to engage the Vendettas while the surviving Stompa hobbled towards the newly arrive Krieg Armoured Fist squads. The Boyz and their Wierdboy held position as did the Kanz.

The Stompa advances!

In the shooting phase, the Wierdboy tries once again to use his powers, and this time is successful! Dai rolls a 5 giving him an "'Ere We Go"! For those unfamiliar with it, the Wierdboy and the squad hes attached to may Deep Strike to a new location anywhere on the table! Dai places the Wierdboy and his 30 boyz close to the Temple and very close to the 2 Imperial Navy Punishers! Unfortunately for him, they scatter poorly, and he rolls a 'misplaced' on the mishap table, enabling me to place the unit as far away from me as possible! i place the unit in the diagonal opposite corner of the table, out of harms way!
This is where he was MENT to be...

...and this is where they ended up!

The Shokk Gun turns its attention to the Elysian Valkyrie to its front and manages to inflict a Shaken result, while  the nearby Lootaz target the immobilised Valkyrie to their rear and score 1 Pen, destroying its second Rocket Pod. The surviving Stompa turns whats left of its mighty weaponry towards the Krieg Armoured Fist Squads, using its Supa Gattla to create havoc! The weapon managed to get  off multiple shots at each of the 4 Chimeras before its ammo ran dry! This was the result!

(Another sideways thang...!)

With the access points blocked by the edge of the table, it looked like the Krieg were going to be sitting this one out!

On the right flank the Deffkpptas score 1 Pen against the Russ Squadron, immobilising it and subsequently destroying it as per the 'Squadron' rules. The Lootaz were finally i range of something and took lout their frustrations on a pain of Elysian Sentinels, wrecking them both. Gaz and his Nobz used their combi-rokkits to Immobilise and Shake the Vostroyan Chimera to its from, taking both the vehicle and the squad out of action for the next turn.

In the assault phase, the Deffkopptas on the right flank assaulted the Russ squadron, but caused no damage. The Warboss and his nobz showed them how it was done, scoring 2 glancing hits and inflicting another immobilised/wrecked result and a weapon destroyed result! Only 1 Russ remained. The Stormboyz fared equally well against their Russ squadron, causing the explosion of 1 leman russ, but loosing a Stormboy in the process!
On the left the Burnaz assaulted the closest Elysian Vendetta, hitting 15 times, but only scoring 2 glances - for which Dai rolled snake-eyes!! The Vostroyan Vendetta took hits from the Boyz squad, causing 6 glances but inflicting no more than crew shaken/stunned results! The 2 surviving Nobz had better luck, wrecking the other Elysian Vendetta.

Orks assault the flyers


Literally the last throw of the dice, it was time for the Imperials to ensure their sacred Temple is not defiled by the Green Menace!
The Elysian Vultures moved off their position at the entrance of the Temple to bring their Punisher Cannons into range of the Lootaz sheltering in ruins on the left flank. Also on the left flank, the only mobile Vendetta moves flat out towards the safety of the Vostroyan gun lines, while the Vultures of the Imperial Navy move onto the left flank to engage the Shockk Attakk Gun. Over on the right, the last surviving Russ that was assaulted by the Deffkopptas and the Wasboss attempts a Tank Shock on the Deffkopptas (the tank commander was executed shortly after the battle for such a foolish maneuver!) The Deffkoptas pass their leadership test, and the Russ passes by harmlessly. Close by, the Company Command Tank turns to target the Stompa, while the Demolisher Russ Squadron retreats from Zagstruck and his Stormboys to get a clear shot. Praetorian and the Baneblade hold position to continue pounding the Orks with their guns.

The Imperial flyer's move into attack positions

Elysian Vultures target the Lootaz

Imperial Navy  Vultures target the Big Mek and his Shockk Attakk Gun

The foolish Command Tank Tank Shocks the Deffkopptas

The Demolishers line up Zagstruck

The final shooting phase saw both pairs of Vultures close on their chosen targets. The first Imperial Navy Vulture opens fire on the Shockk Attakk Gun with its Punisher Cannons, the gunner confident of his kill! Until the Big Mek emerges unscathed, shielded by the Imperial Bastion it sheltered in! As the Mek begins to roar with laughter, the second Vulture banks sharply around his comrade, and emits a roar of its own! The Meks triumph is short lived, and he is quickly turned to paste!! On the other side of the board, the Elysian Vultures unleash 40 twin linked Punisher Cannon shots at the Lootaz on the left flank, wiping out all 12 of them. Just behind them, the Krieg Command Tank took a shot at the Stompa, scoring 1 Pen and inflicting a Driver Stunned result.
At the rear of the Temple the Vostroyan and Elysian guns were chipping away at the green hoard. The Medusa and 2 Sentinels kill 12 Orks from the Green Tide, while Captain Gerek and the Elysian Sentinels kill 5. The Vostroyan Leman Russ in the centre of the right flank targets 'bulletproof' and his Nobz in the centre, killing the 3 remaining Nobz and wounding the Warboss! This guy just keeps on comin'!

The Krieg Baneblade deems the Green Tide sufficiently thinned for now, and turns its attention to the Boyz at the centre-rear of the right flank, killing 16 of their number and causing them to flee. Finally Praetorian opened up, killing 10/12 Lootaz on the right flank (they had cover saves!) with its Apocalypse Missile Launcher. The Gatling Blaster wiped out the newly arrived Wierdboy and his 30 man squad, scoring 5/6 direct hits on the scatter dice! Lastly, it was time to see of old 'Bulletproof' - the weapon of choice: the Strength 'D' Laser Blaster! Suffice to say, he didn't survive THAT one!!

The final positions of both Ork and Imperial forces:

So ended the battle of The Temple of the Emperor Ascendant! The shrine was secure and the Ork army was in tatters! Much merriment was had by all!

This was definitely a fun Apoc' game to play, and it made a pleasant change to get more than 2 turns in as well! The game flowed really well with only 2 players, allowing us to crack on quickly and decisively with our turns without having to consult other players. As for the scenario; I'd definitely like to have a firmer and more well thought out set of rules done before the game. We had a rough idea of what we wanted (very loosely based on the Rynns World novel) but as the game progressed we saw the problems, and so made up rules on the fly! It did work though, and nothing a good bit of prior planning wont fix!

So i hope you've all enjoyed reading this two part report! I love playing Apoc' games and can never really get enough of them! I hope its not to long before the next one!
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  1. just out of interest, were the points in any way comparable? it just seems that the imperials had a lot more stuff than the orks.

    great battle report, i thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

  2. It was 7000pts per side. I had more physical units, and Dai tooled up his exsisting units to make up the points!

  3. "39 Orks died to the Baneblade Cannon..." Ouch!

    Great stuff. Loving the pics again--I just can't get over how great everything looks painted. It would seem that your next logical project would be to work up some terrain so I can't tell you're playing on plastic tables.

    I also like how you altered your deployment rules to make things more fair/fun for the ork players. That's a great sportsman thing to do, and I'm sure it made the game more fun for all. If you do decide to write this up in a more official mission style, I'd love to see it.

    Thanks again for the write-up!


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