Monday, 23 January 2012

Necron Crypyek Conversions Painted

These guys caused me more problems than you might think! I struggled to settle on a scheme that i liked! What you see here is the 3rd colour combo i tried! First a blue scheme like the GW ones, then a gold scheme and then this. The Chaos Black plates are highlighted with Dark Angles Green (you can just about see it!), Dwarf Bronze for the ribs on the back, and Emerald Green for the eyes and staffs.

Although it ended up being really basic, I'm actually really happy with it! I like the large amount of black on them, which makes them look really sinister; just like a keeper of forbidden power should be!

I gave the eyes a blast of Emerald Green with the airbrush and highlighted that with 1:1 Emerald Green : Skull White. Theres a bit of Green Wash in the recesses as well.

The Staffs were a real pain to do. I wanted to wet blend Dark Angles Green up to Emerald Green, but its like my wet blending skills have deserted me!! I tried multiple times to make it happen, but for some reason it wouldn't work! I just blasted it Emerald Green (using an airbrush) over a Dark Angles Green base. Then a small highlight on the edges. Not as good as i wanted, but it'll have to do.

I also airbrushed Emerald Green onto the orbs on the back of the Crypteks to make them glowy as well.

Overall I'm pleased! A simple conversion with a simple paint job (in the end!)

Our clubs got an Apoc' game coming up at the end of the month now, so I'm making a terrain piece for the occasion! This will interfere with painting the last of the Immortals, but I'm hoping the terrain won't take to long to make! More on that later in the week!

The GunGrave


  1. Mate, can you stop producing such awesome miniatures in such short times please? I feel like a lazy bastard in comparison. It took me 2 hours last night to put together 4 pink horrors (bar the arms obviously because that would be too much work).

  2. LOL, well I am in the middle of 2 weeks off work, so I do have more time than most to get things done! :)

    1. Well what can I say, keep up the good work. By the way, you can reply on the default comments on Blogger now?

    2. Yeah I noticed! It's a nice feature!

  3. Wow, they look awesome!

    I love the green glow on the cycloptic eye and I really dig the fact that you didn't go overboard with the brass sections. It's just enough brass to emphasis the duo-tone scheme.

    great work :)

  4. You may have struggled with the paint scheme, but they turned out great. Really enjoy the detail and the blending you put into these.


  5. Looking very cool Tim. I like your emerald green glow as well.


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