Monday, 9 September 2013

Heresy Era Death Guard - Squad 3 Complete; New Legion Army List

Things have been quiet on the blog for the past few weeks. Ive been working every hour going at work to pay off the deposit for my new BMW, which doesn't leave much time for the hobby. That being said, I have managed to chip away at the final Death guard squad:

This takes me up to 30 bolter-toting super soldiers! Here's the whole gang together:

Just 1 more Rhino to paint and then i'll have to buy some more mins...! That being said, I've re-written my list which now only have 1 Rhino in it! Check it out below:
Legion Crusade Army List:
Heresy Era Death Guard
Legion Centurion – 95pts
·         Base – 50pts
·         Siege Breaker – 35pts (Join Heavy Support Squad for Tank Hunter and Wrecker benefits)
Terminator Squad – 385pts
·         5 Terminators – 175pts
·         Heavy Flamer – 10pts
·         Land Raider Proteus Dedicated Transport – 200pts
Contemptor with 2 Assault Cannons – 205pts
·         Base 175pts
·         2 Assault Cannons – 30pts
Contemptor with Twin Linked Lascannon – 200pts
·         Base – 175pts
·         Twin Linked Lascannon – 25pts
Tactical Squad – 270pts
·         Sergeant
Power Fist – 15pts
Melta Bombs – 5pts
·         19 Legionnaires with Bolters – 250pts
Tactical Squad – 270pts
·         Sergeant
Power Fist – 15pts
Melta Bombs – 5pts
·         19 Legionnaires with Bolters – 250pts
Veteran Tactical Squad – 265pts
·         10 Veterans Incl’ Sergeant
·         2 Plasma Guns – 30pts
·         Veteran Tactics (choose for free from the army list)
·         Rhino Dedicated Transport – 35pts
Heavy Support
Legion Heavy Support Squad – 210pts
·         5 Legionaries – 135pts
·         5 Missile Launchers – 25pts
·         Flack Missiles – 50pts
Predator – 100pts
·         Basic - 75pts
·         Heavy Bolter Sponsons – 25pts
Decided to run with 2 larger 'blob' squads instead of smaller 10 man squads. This seems a little bit more in keeping with the Death Guard aesthetic. I added a Vet' squad as well to get access to some AP2 weaponry. I did put these guys in a Rhino and will use them to Outflank (Veteran tactics) I'll be grabbing a tonne of resin at UK Games Day this year to get this new list well and truly underway!
I don't usually go for the GW 'trinket accessories' that they throw out every now and then. However I did go for this:

They're the Vehicle Markers - for damage results, Hull Points, etc. Love the Servo Skulls, so I had to go for these! The Lasgun power pack case is also cool! Looking forward to using them in a game.

The GunGrave


  1. Sweet! Those really turned out looking great - dig the list as well. Keep up the fantastic work, man!

  2. Cheers mate. Got 2 Death Guard Contemptors and HH Book 2 per ordered or Games Day, so we'll see some more growth for the army soon!

  3. Lovely stuff! Keep up the good work!


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