Thursday, 7 August 2014

Vostroyan Firstborn - Anti-Air

After the release of the new Imperial Guard Codex (AKA: Astra Millta-whatsit) some valuable anti air support was finally made available. And with my FLGS having a sale, i grabbed 2 Hydras for £22 each! The first of which goes to my Vostroyan Firstborn. 

Pretty easy assembly, nice kit to put together. Only problem is that it goes with a generic Guard gunner and spotter. That just wont do for the Firstborn.

I've got a tonne of spare Vosties lying around, so i picked this guy as my gunner. He was originally a loader for a Mortar team. I hacked off the mortar shell and his arms (these were metal minis remember!) and made a start on the re sculpt. No im no sculptor, so im doing this is small stages. All i really need to do is rebuild the front body armour. I'll be using the Cadian arms that come with the Hydra. 

This guy has the task of being the loader/spotter. He's holding what could pass as Hydra ammo, so he'll stay just as he is!

I think this will look great when its done! More on this soon.

The GunGrave

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  1. Awesome stuff, man! Really digging how that's coming together.


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