Monday, 17 November 2014

Painting Laurels - Bristol Vanguard's Spoils of War

A few weeks ago I attended Bristol Vanguards annual Spoils of War tournament weekend. It was the second time that I have attended the event, and it was even better than the last! A 2 day narrative campaign of Good vs Evil fought over 5 games of various points limits.

The weekend was a blast, and i highly recommend it to tournament goers. I was also fortunate enough to win an award for Best Painted HQ. 

The many tables at 'Spoils

A few snaps of one of my games (in which i was completely annihilated by turn 3!!)

This was just before my Land Raider Spartan was destroyed by a Multi Melta - first shot of the whole  game!!

A shot of my buddy Sam's game on the table next toe me. He was plating a very crazy Eldar Exodite army.

Bristol Vanguard is renowned for its amazing terrain and tables! They're a pleasure to  play on.

Finally a few shots of the painting competition. There was an award for every category on the FoC.

Will definitely be going next year!

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