Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Heresy Era Death Guard: Sicarian Venator WIP

As promised, here's some more Death Guard!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New year! As I can imagine for many hobbyist, Christmas was a lucrative time in terms of money and models. It was time to take full advantage of this :-)

I always wanted to model the Death Guard as a foot-slogger army - it fits with the fluff. However, I've been finding myself woefully out gunned in recent games...fluff only gets you so far!! This became apparent when i came up against my mates new Salamanders Typhon recently! Bad times... Some more armour was sorely needed, and here it is.

Great kit, easy to assemble, sexy as hell! I magnetised the weapon sponsons to make it easier to transport.

I'm looking forward to painting this guy! However i must confess, my paint brush did stray towards some Mechanicum again...more on that soon!

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