Friday, 17 April 2015

Vostroyan Hydra WIP 2

Wow, its been a very long time since this model saw some love! However, i find myself needing it for the upcoming Bristol Vanguards Vanquish tournament at the end of the month, so its jumped to the front of the que.

The base colours are down, so it'll be washes and weathering next. But first, i had to get the crew organised.

The kit comes with 2 basic Cadian crew members - this just wouldn't do for the Firstborn. Thankfully i had a few spare Vostroyan models lying around which would lend itself nicely to the Hydra. First up it was the gunner.

This Vostroyan was a Plasma Gunner before i chopped the whole thing off! This left a hell of a mess on the front of the mini, so i used green stuff to rebuild the chest plate.

I used the standard cadian arms of the original gunner for the Vostroyan version. this made life a lot easier for me, and the style wasn't to dissimilar to Vostroyan arms. Passable at least!

The second crew member is the Loader. No conversion work was required at all on this guy, i thought he looked good enough as he was! He used to be a heavy bolter loader in his past life.

both crew need repainting - they're still sporting the same paint job they had a few years ago!! These guys are really going to help me personalise the Hydra a bit. But i better get a move on!!

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