Thursday, 13 August 2015

Blessings of the Omnissiah: Thanatar Seige Automata!

Following another painting frenzy I've managed to hugely bolster my Mechanicum heavy support choices! Two more Thanatar Siege Beasts!!

These two Thanatar have more static poses as i wanted them to look as though they were just about to fire their Plasma Mortars.

I changed my approach on the glow on the plasma coils on the rear of the weapon. I basically replicated the plasma glow i did on the Myrmidon Secutors, which i much preferred! I actually went back to the first Thanatar and updated the glow on that one as well.

I glued the ammo belts for the mauler Cannon together before heating them in hoot water and posing them. This was SO MUCH EASIER! The first Thanatar had to endure hours of posing as i attempted to attache each ammo feed separately. Nightmare...

I managed to achieve a good level of shading on these Thanatar.

So, the Plasma Mortars. Big change from the first Thanatar, as i modelled these Mortars with their firing flaps open with a big chunk of OSL in the middle.

I was really pleased with this round of OSL, as i took a bit more  time to achieve it. This was done with the airbrush, but i used 3 different layers of successively lighter blue. Basic i know but it seemed to work well!

Here's the Thanatar family portrait. These bad boys can squad-up in teams of 5!!! WTF?? I'll only be running them as a 3, but they're just as nasty.

Finally here's is some WIP pics I took of one of the Tanatars along the way.

More Mechanicum action soon.

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