Monday, 7 September 2015

Reaver Titan Re-Paint: Part 1

I made a rather exciting Titan related purchase the other day (ooooo  what could it be!) which they'll be more on soon. However, it has got me thinking about my Reaver Titan Praetorian. 

I painting this bad ass over 5 years ago, and the paint scheme is starting to look a bit tired and dated. With an exciting new addition to the Legio Astorum on its way, i want to make sure Praetorian looks the part. 

All aspects of this model need a bit of attention to be honest. Its been through numerous bashes scrapes over the years.

The heraldry on the carapace needs some serious revision. My skills are much better than what they were 5 years ago!

Over time a few bits have come off the model as well, so i'll probably have to revisit some of the joints and reinforce them.

First things first though, i had to disassemble the Titan to make it easier to repaint. The armour panels came off easily enough. The left hip here was a bit loose so i forced it off so i could make sure its securely attached after painting.

Don't ask me why this is upside down, Blogger has some funny uploading ideas sometimes! This is the main carapace with the armour panels and weapons arms removed. The arms needed forcing off as they were very well stuck on!

I'm still happy with the interior detail so i won't be repainting any of that. Also it was painted while in pieces so painting it now will be a bit more difficult.

These are all the armour panels after they had been removed from the Titan! They'll be much easier to paint this way.

The disassembly didn't take to long so i started playing with some armour ideas. I already decided that i wanted a blue mottled effect on the armour panels, so i gave the panels a patchy spray of Vallejo Game Air Ultramarine Blue. This went straight over the existing blue quite nicely - we had a winner straight away! It livened up the colour and made all that blue a little more interesting.

I also started on the legs. On the right leg you can see where Ive been trying out a different gold trim. This is GW Shining Gold, but i think its a bit to orange/brass. I'd prefer a  more yellowy gold. The original colour was a VERY old school GW Shining Gold when it looked like this:

I do still have a viable pot of this which is about 2/3 full. I'm just worried that it wont go the distance over the new editions and the Reaver repaint, so i think a more modern colour is needed. I'll play around with a few more recipes for now and see what i can do.

More on this project soon!

The GunGrave

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  1. Brave. But I suppose that having built it in the first place, taking it apart to put it back together again holds no fears.


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