Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord Battle Titan (3)

A big update on the Warlord today, as I've managed to get quite a lot done recently.

The vents on the top of the carapace have now been added. This was a bit of a chore as the pieces didn't quite fit properly. I had to soak them in boiling water a few times in order to get the fit right. Even after that there were quite a few gaps  at the front end which had to be filled. 

I'd also worked on the shoulders. These needed to be strongly fixed to the main carapace, and they'll not only have some very heavy weapons hanging from them, but some equally heavy weapons sitting on top of therm to!

The surface was flat between the carapace and the shoulder piece, so i used Araldite for the initial fix. After that i drilled in some 3mm holes for some more brass rod.

Each shoulder had 4 brass pins inserted to make sure they were properly fixed. The below picture is the top of the shoulder part, where i drilled in 2 holes diagonally downwards into the carapace and pinned.

While  that was drying i started to prepare the defencive weapons and their mountings. I wanted these weapons to be removable as they're at risk of breaking off while being transported. The best way to do this was to magnetise them.

The weapons came in 3 parts; the weapon, the weapon housing, and a placement pin. I glued the weapon into its housing then fixed magnets to the housing and the pin. These are the Mauler Bolt Cannons.

And these are the Lascannons.

The weapon mountings on the main carapace were designed for the placement pin to be inserted into the top of the mountings, passing all the way through to the bottom, where it would meet the smaller housing of the weapon itself. I stuck the placement pin to the carapace weapon mounting, leaving the weapon itself to move freely on the magnets.

Next i moved onto the shoulder mountings for the armour panels. These were very easy to place, and slotted in nicely to the main carapace.

Now the Warlords starting to bulk out a bit, he's quickly filling up the new display cabinet!

The GunGrave


  1. Awesome work, man - that thing is a beast of a kit, really loving all the little details. Can't wait to see more!

  2. Thanks all! FW have really done themselves proud with this kit. Although it's a beast, it goes together really well, a real beauty


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