Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Infinity: ALEPH Dakini Tacbots

While the proverbial Infinity iron was still hot, i've decided to crack on with my 3 Dakini Tacbots from the starter set.

These are the basic line troopers for the Aleph. Points wise they're reasonably cheap and come in a variety of flavors. These are the basic Combi Rifle flavor. I applied all the airbrush work as a batch, then did the detailing individually.

The reverse of the models are all done the same, so here's a sample of one, and also a closer shot of  the front.

The completion of these three Dakini's gives me a small but playable force to practice with! I've only had a few small games just to get the feel of the game, but i'm loving it so far!

More soon.

The GunGrave


  1. Your getting good at this painting malarkey! Good job. Are you taking on other factions or gaming company models?

    1. Thanks Col! For now I'll probably be sticking with Aleph (mainly because they remind me of Ghost in the Shell, which is my favourite) but am interested in Haqislam and PanOceana as well!.

      I've started playing XWing fairly recently, but that's not quite he same as no painting required! So for now it's Infinity and 30K.

    2. X wing is pretty cool. I know a lot of people repainted their ships.

      I'm pretty excited for the new halo game this summer.

      Are you at Warhammerfest this weekend?

    3. Nah afraid not bud. After the last Ganes Day I went to, the event completely went off the boil for me, didn't really enjoy it. Haven't been since... :-(

  2. I liked the other aleph, but am not too keen on these chickin legg'd sculpts.

    1. Do not dispare, there are more substantial leg sculpts on the way!


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