Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Coils of the Hydra - Tactical Squad Complete

Its been a long time coming, but the first Tactical Squad is now complete! My new found interest in Infinity has caused large delays in the progress of the Alpha Legion, but lately my interest has wondered back into Heresy. This has largely been down to the release of Inferno and the stunningly beautiful Custodes models (there are some plans in the pipeline for that, as well as a Custodes Knight!)

Before all that though the Hydra needs some love! The second set of 5 Marines is now complete and sporting the 'new look' urban bases from the last post.

This is one of two Tactical Squads planned for the Hydra.

While i had the mini's out i took the opportunity to take a family photo.

I'm keen to make more progress on the Alpha Legion soon, but as i mentioned in the last post, i want to try a new color scheme before i move on. Chances are i won't go for it, but i'll always be thinking 'what if...' if i don't! More on that soon. 

The GunGrave


  1. glorious progress mate! Really like the group photo and the use of the parts in the squad -- very nice indeed.
    I must get on and complete painting my bolter Alpha Legion squad!

  2. Seriously, your alphas are the best I have seen. The colours look great!

    Top notch work 👍

  3. Those are spectacular - awesome work, man!

  4. Thanks all, to kind!

    Alpha Legion Contemptor is already on the table!

  5. They really are very pretty. And a Sicaran too !

    "....lately my interest has wondered back into Heresy." LOL, as they say.


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