Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Infinity - Nomad Wildcat with Spitfire Complete

My last Nomad post saw this guy approaching completion. I'm pleased to say he's now done, and i think i've got my eye in on the colour scheme.

It was really nice to come outside of my Aleph comfort zone and try some new colours and styles! It's made this process really enjoyable, now i'm really stoked to be building my Corredigor force! Not to mention the awesome bases from Antenocitis Workshop which set off my 'spaceship deck' feel really well.

So here is the first of many Nomads to come; Wildcat with Spitfire!

More Nomads soon!

The GunGrave


  1. Really nicely done. The shading on the black parts are particularly impressive - his gun looks great!

    Are you following Angel's tutorial?

    1. Cheers Blaz - it's a combo between Angels Vol 1 book and Meg Maples (I attended one of her classes last year)

      The techniques translate well into larger models as well, such as 40K. I tried it on my Alpha Legion Contemptor with good results!

      I've been meaning to do a black tutorial for a while now...think I need to share the love!

    2. Yeah - share your secrets master!

      Black is one of those colours that I tend to struggle a bit with. I find it ok, if I can shade with various greys with the airbrush, but getting a good clean look on smaller parts (like the gun that you painted) is a lot harder. I tend to mix the paints myself and try to blend it through, but my technique is a bit half-assed, and my results can be a bit variable, so I'd be interested to know what you do.

  2. Lovely work, man - I really dig that!

    1. Thanks Mordian! I hope the other 3 come out as good!

  3. Albeit I usually prefer minis painted in non-studio schemes I have to say that I really like this mini very much!!


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