Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Finished Vendetta Gunship

This Valkerie has been sitting on my shelf undercoated since the day they were first released! Now I finally have a use for it, and I think i've done it justice!

I went for an Imperial Navy colour scheme rather than a Vostroyan scheme. I reasoned that the regiment would probably be supported by Navy flyers rather than having their own! Plus it give the Vendetta a bit of interchangabillity, just in case i get the urge to collect ANOTHER Guard regiment!

I'm just a little unhappy with some bits of this model. I stupidly assembled the tail end wonky, so it looks lop-sidded from head on. Also i cracked the windshield while gluing it down, but this could be blagged as "battle damage"!

This Vendetta will carry one Veteran squad with 3 melta guns. With the Vendetta itself armed with 3 twin linked las cannons, tanks better beware!

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