Friday, 15 October 2010

Praetorian Walks Again!

Well I rushed out and quizzed the local DIY store on the best way to glue a Reaver Titan back together at around 0800, and have been working on repairs since!
The guy in the store recommended Araldite, a two part contact adhesive. It reeks to place out, but it gets the job done! To well in fact, when i realise I'd glued the hips back to front!! There is a larger armour plate that's meant to be at the front, which i found on the floor after I'd finished sticking the thing back together! I may be able to prise off the smaller plate and swap them around, but I'm all Reaver'd out for today!

Now the matter of re-painting; well, I've opted out of a full repaint because i simply cant be arsed! Now, as the blue and the gold are both custom colours which i can no longer replicate, I'm going to have a job finding something to match. I did play around with a few combos today, and i think i have the right colours for the job. Luckily its just chipping i have to deal with and not full blown repainting, so hopefully any inconsistencies wont be to noticable. I'll get started on that tomorrow.


  1. Perhaps it is time to add a little battle damage. Could be all you need to cover the chipping.

  2. I think that'll be on the cards as well. I still havent weatherer the top half of the titan, so i'll be doing that as well.


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