Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Trying my Hand at Terrain

Due to the sudden and unexpected death of one of my cats, posts have been a little slim on the ground. However, i have accumulated a lot of material to blog about!
While funds build up for another Forgeworld order, i have been trying my hand at terrain. Although i rarely play 40K at home, my gaming club could benefit greatly from this little side project (for a modest fee of course...!)

I attended a 40K tournament in Bristol in May, and i was very impressed with their terrain and game boards. Upon closer inspection of the pieces i saw that most of them were just simple household products and not expensive scenery sets. One commonly used piece was Guttering!
I nipped out and grabbed a couple of pieces of guttering and gave it a go. Simply turn the guttering upside down and stick it to a piece of fibreboard. Block off the ends with some plasticard and then decorate with spare parts! Hey-presto, one building. This example could be part of an outpost or frontier settlement.

Once painted it looks great. I primarilly used an airbrush for this, and took me no more than an hour to do. A little oil paint and white sprit for the weathering gives it that finishing touch!

I have 2 more of these types of building mid-constuction along with an Imperial Bastion. More on them soon!
Oh, and i also finished that other Broodlord as well! Here it is!

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  1. That looks pretty neat! Club could defiantly benefit from some of that line of sight blocking terrain. Thank you bristol vanguard! and that you tim for trying it out


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