Saturday, 18 December 2010

Legio Custodes - Prototype 1

Well the first prototype is done. Now this is just a mock up to see how all the parts fit together, and not Representative of the final product!

So i think that I've successfully addressed the Dwarf Marine Syndrome! This marine is the one where i inserted the spacers between the shin sections. I've done a size comparison here, and you can see that the Custodian is a little taller (partly due to the helmet, but meh!)

 However I've identified another problem, and that's the torso. In principle the idea was sound, using a simple plasicard template to add to basic marine torso. But as you can probably see, in practice it just isn't right. I think that is a bit wide at the waist and needs to be a little tighter in that area. I'll have to go back to the drawing board on this one.

The tabard and the cape were made using this nifty stuff i found on eBay called Re-mouldable Plastic. It comes in granules and I've had this large bag for about a year now, so it goes a long way! Chuck a few granules in boiling water, wait until the granules turn clear, then remove from the water and mash them all together! You can make it into whatever you want, and if you mess it up, put it back in boiling water and start again! Fully recommended. Anyways, the cape and tabard are cool little additions and they also help to cover up any conversion mishaps that occurred along the way!

The arms are standard marine arms, the only change being to the right had which was rotated to hold the Guardian Spear. The left one will hold the shield. There was no real problems with them, just some minor positional issues but nothing major.

So, one problem solved, and another created! I'm really struggling to get the torso right, so any ideas you guys have would be greatly appreciated! I'll persist in the meantime and hope an answer presents itself. Now onto the second prototype!



  1. Looking at images of the custodes in my visions of heresy book, the torso seems to be fairly standard with an extended triangular goget.

    I suggest trying normal space marine torsos with the detail filed off and extending the gorget with either thin plasticard or green stuff. Further detail can be added to the torso later with green stuff if it works.

    Try and avoid bulking out the torso horizontally. The pictures show the custodes to be quite lithe.

    Hope that helps

  2. looking interestting but the porportions seem a little off to me, like one of those super-deformed Japanese things. Its has all the motifs and elements they just don't seem to be in scale with one another.

    I've trying to thing of a way to do a custodes army as well, especially with the gear up towards grey knights. I had some ideas for conversions but still not sold all the way on any of them.

  3. Yeah cheers Ben, the Heresy books are my guide at the mo. Im trying not to use green stuff 'cos im not that good with it, but the more i think on it, the more likely it seems that i'll have to bit the bullet and give it a go!

    @Hashshashin - Yeah at first it was the legs that were screwing it up, now its the torso i think. It needs to be slimmer i think

  4. s'ok mate. I like the bits though, especially the heads. Got some good detail on them


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