Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tyranid Army Showcase

So i really enjoyed doing the Showcase feature for my Elysian Army, and now im back to showcase the newly completed Tyranid army! So here it is......

Hive Tyrant

Hive Guard

Doom of Malan'Tai and Mycetic Spore

Tyranid Warriors



Broodlord and Genestealers

Second Broodlord and Genestealers

Trygon Prime


Unfortunately i still havent been able to test these guys at club yet! High petrol prices mean that im not going to club as often (yeah i know, its that bad, and my clubs 30 miles away to boot!) and 40K has largely been replaced with Dystopian Wars (that cool Naval game from Spartan Games) However, i am chalked in to play a mates Orks today after work so im hoping for some possitive results!



  1. Really nice looking cohesive army you have there.

    I love the use of accent colour, appropriate and attention grabbing without being a nightmare of non-natural colours like so many nid armies.

    well done mate.

  2. First of cheers for commenting on my blog, helped me find yours.
    Love the Tyranid army. Quality of the painting and use of colours looks fantastic, I'm just about to start mine. Although still not clear on my final colour scheme though.
    I like the converted spore. I noticed similar polystyrene eggs in hobby craft a while back and thought they would make a great mycetic spore for the nids. Glad someone thought the same as me. Great tutorial on that by the way.
    Also with regards the Doom vs Zoanthrope debate, I decided to go with the 3x zoanthropes as I fail 2/3 3+ saves on average. :P

  3. As Karitas said, the cohesion of your army is outatanding! Really impressive and beautiful job!

  4. Yesss ... crazy man crazy!
    Your Nids are really awesome. I especially like the not too colourfull sheme.

    And now I search for my painting-skill-absorb-beam ... ;)

  5. He he thanks guys, but it really is a piss-easy scheme to do! If you'd like a tutorial i can get one up here on the blog if you like....?

  6. how many points you got there roughly?
    im still strugglin to come to grips with new nyd codex's lack of mutability and functionality... my entire genestealer army has been scrapped :S

    homogaunts eh? hmmm should i come over to the states and happen to vs you, ill be making sure they get destroyed before them get to my men :P

  7. its a 1750pt force, costing about 1748 i think.

    Yeah everyone looks down on the Gaunts - well except those 6 Ork Nobz on Bikes that they chewed up in one round of combat last night.....

    Beside they're really there as a skirmish screen and counter assault unit. A sensible player will make sure they're deployed near cover, and move through cover as they close on thre enemy. With Move Through Cover and Fleet they should be able to get to grips with the enemy by turn 2.

    A games definately on if you visit (and i live in the UK btw...!)

  8. yeh wack up a tutorial buddy. sweet army!!!

  9. Ok i'll get a quick tutorial sorted for monday (as im out on the piss in London this weekend! Wahey!)

  10. gha UK! my bad :P

    Well i got dual citizenship cause of my old man being a former Brit, so shouldnt be too hard to get a passport n pass off as normal to get in :P


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