Sunday, 13 March 2011

Krieg Armoured Regiment: Company Command Tank and Second Squadron

So these tanks are the first products of the new forge! All the tanks of the Krieg Armoured Regiment are now complete (again!) So here they are:

Company Command Tank

Leman Russ Annihilator: Squadron Command Tank 2

Leman Russ

Leman Russ

Here all seven tanks, ready to crush!

The numerical transfers for these models were a pain to get on! I've had this one sheet of Death Korps transfers pretty much since they were first released (a good few years ago!) I think they may have degraded over time, as the numbers seemed to want to come off individually, and not in the three digit blocks that they were originally intended for. As a result the numbers are a bit wonky!!

So I'm now waiting for my second to last model order to see this list complete! Winging its way from Forgeworld now are 2 Vulture Gunships with Punisher cannons and 4 Death Korps heavy bolter teams for the Armoured Fist Squads. Then its 4 Chimeras and I'm done! In the meantime i'll be painting up another Krieg Squad.

I've got another 2 weeks of sick leave to go yet, so i hope to have this latest order knocked out pretty sharpish!

The GunGrave


  1. That is truely really nice work. Love the mud on the tracks.

  2. Loving the look. Gorgeous tanks!

    re: transfers: I've been in the same boat. Results with water transfers have been hit and miss.

    One thing I'm trying is dry transfers. The pro is no film around the item, and the flexibility of any number combo I need. Con is that it's still a but of challenge to align.

  3. Nice crushing lot of behemmoths!

    Loved the weathering! Nice work! ;D

  4. Cheers guys!

    @ Wine Shark: thats interesting, i've never heard of Dry Transfers before. Where do you get them, and whats the variety like?

  5. Dry transfers are basically "rub ons" and thus have no carrier film. Woodland Scenics offers a good line of letters/numbers for train models. Limited fonts, but good size selections. Perfect for vehicle numbering. There are even some smaller ones for signage and such that make nice terrain additions.

    You can also find some sets designed for pinewood derby wooden cars. These have more artistic-type themes, which could be re-purposed for nose art and the like. I've seen these at US hobby stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's.


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