Monday, 21 March 2011

Krieg Armoured Regiment: Heavy Bolter Teams Complete

I had a mamoth painting day yesterday, and got all 4 of the Krieg Heavy Bolter Teams completed. These really are cracking minis, the level of detail far surpassing anything that GW have produced in plastic so far (and it better do for the price that i paid for it!)

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

You can see in this picture where i've added some Citidel Water Effects to the base. I dont use this stuff much beacuse i only have very limited quantities of it. As this base was a bit bland i decided to use a bit (not that it made it THAT more interesting though!)

So each of my Armoured Fist squads will benifit from a Heavy Bolter. All i need to buy now is 4 Chimera's and the Armoured Regiment list is done! Speaking of lists, i'll probably put the Armoured Regiment list up on the blog sometime in the next post or two.

Now moving on to something that im quite excitied about:

Im really looking forward to this event, and i think its a great idea! Most of you probably know about it, but its a tournament organised by a blogger, for bloggers. Not exclusivly of course, but thats the idea! Alex over at From the Fang came up with this event so if your interested i suggest you go and check it out before all the places go! I've been fourtunate enough to bag me a spot, and i'm looking forward to putting a few faces to names as well! The only question now is.....which army to take! I guess you'll have to attend to find out!

The GunGrave


  1. I like the heavy weapons teams, looking really good. Must have been an Epic session to get those completed in a day.
    As for blog wars, I'm looking forward to that myself.

  2. Yeah it was a bit epic, but i got so wrapped up in it i didnt even notice the time pass!

  3. Man, great weathering on the models, it almost makes me want to redo mine a little bit to get that over color with the silver being more the weathered look.

  4. If you use a sponge and dap on a little Charadon Granite onto your metallic areas, you'll get a really nice weathered look. Though i didnt do that here, i just used a few washes of Badab Black.


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