Friday, 16 December 2011

Apocalypse Terrain: Hab Block Pt 2

Just a quick update on the Hab Block today!

I've now installed the roof of the right wing of the Hab. Theres a lot of floor space to cover in floor panels here, so a bit of support was needed to keep it in one piece. I made a 'H' shaped frame from hardwood for this wing to provide support to the edges and the middle of the floor, secured with Araldite.

I still had the same problems with fitting as i did with the building panels themselves, in that they don't all quite line up neatly! As i despaired at the amount of Milliput I'd need to correct this, Mrs GunGrave suggested i use the liquid Polyfilla that's been collecting dust under the stairs! Shes a GENIUS! If only she was interested in my hobby - think of all the things we could accomplish!!

The tapered nozzle made application a doddle, so if theres any budding Apoc' Terrain builders out there, go and get some of this stuff!

So here it is so far!

As i sat back and stared at the thing, planning the next phase of construction, i was reminded of a large problem that I'd need to fix:

Yeah, the dam panels again! I stupidly installed the corner supports before i began construction, which didn't allow for the irregularities of the panels. These gaps  will have to be filled with something, but I'm not sure what yet!

Finally, a little extra hardwood support for the central tower. The sides of the tower will sit atop these supports.

While all that polyfilla was drying, i slapped a bit of paint onto the Macerators! All they need now is their oil paint wash and their done!

From now until Xmas i think it'll be terrain all the way. I have more resin (and Necron) supplies on the way, and hope to have the Hab Block constructed by the end of next week. If Santa (AKA: The Munitoruim AKA: Forgeworld!) brings me the Rapier Lasers i requested, then I'll be getting well back into the Death Korps for the New Year!!

The GunGrave


  1. It all looks very good mate, I would love to have scenery of that scale but storing it would be a major issue right now.

  2. Yeah i know how that feels! Thats why i invested in that shelving i showed in my last post. It cost a bit, but i didnt want to have to restrict my building activities because of storage problems!

    But then again, some storage problems just cant be solved!

  3. Perhaps a pipe would do well to cover the corners where they don't connect or pillars of some sort.

  4. Shes a GENIUS! If only she was interested in my hobby - think of all the things we could accomplish!!

    That comment alone was worth this post. Its nice when the missus gets involved - even only for these inspiring comments.

    Looking good so far - I wish I had had the foresight to have taken some molds of the various panels etc when I was building my terrain - would have made these ad hoc style projects much easier.

    I agree with anon above - maybe a pipe, or decorative quoin (not sure how what you could use that would fit that dimension?) might fit that space.


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