Thursday, 16 February 2012

Death Korps of Krieg Reinforcements

These units were painted over the weekend in a mad attempt to bolster my Krieg forces for the Apoc' game - which was subsequently cancelled!

Not to worry though, as the completion of these units went a long way towads the Great Krieg Repaint, that has not seen some love in a while! Now i'm well up for getting my Krieg on for a while!

This is the 5th squad of Krieg for the Siege Regiment:

My Artemia Pattern Hellhound! I would eventually like to have 3 of these to make an Apoc' formation that makes use of the Hellstorm template! I much prefer this pattern Hellhound to the plastic version.

I made the fuel tank nice and greasy! Theres extra grease around the cap!

MIG weathering powders were heavilly applied to the nozzle of the flamer.

On the table now? A very NEARLY completed Lascannon squad!

More Krieg action soon.

The GunGrave


  1. I love that pattern of hellhound. I think its the idea of the giant fuel tank. Have you tried using coloured washes on the thing to give the effect heat can have on metals? I've given it a go on my tanks, you can see one example HERE... its quite simple to achieve using just red and blue wash. I think you could do it easy!

  2. These look great, I'm a big fan of nice Krieg army! Really nice weathering!

  3. Nice results and weathering- great job

  4. Cheers guts!

    @ Oink - thats a nice effect you've got there. Might give it a try next time! I'll definately apply it to my Krieg Flamer troopers.

  5. Great stuff!

    Whereabouts are you, geographically?

  6. Deepest darkest West Wales for me Drax!

  7. Love the place! Did you catch my most recent post? It's Wales all the way, baby.

    I'm stuck out on a limb in rural South Devon...

  8. Yes I did mate - Pembrokshire wasn't it? Lovely part of the coumtry!

    My parents are down in Devon, near Oakhampton. I get down there every once in a while,

  9. Cool,

    Well if you ever know you'll be down this way and fancy it, I'd happily try to meet up with you for a game or whatever...just let me know, mate.


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