Friday, 1 May 2015

Blessings of the Omnissiah: Avenger Strike Fighter Complete!

The first fighter for my Mechanicum air support is now, finally, complete! Again, i seem to have to many projects on the go which is making everything take that much longer. It was wother the wait though. 

The converted cockpit really makes the fighter pop now its painted. I will be converting the other two in the same manner.

The Avenger is armed with an Avenger Bolt Cannon and a Twin linked Lascannon as standard. There are a few weapons options for the remaining hard points; i went with Autocannons. The primary role of the Avenger is to deal with airborne threats, so the higher the strength the better!

As with the rest of the Mechanicum force i was reluctant to weather them to heavily. All the grey though was a bit to much, so a few black streaks helped break it up a bit.

Engine details.

Same Mechanicum base to match the rest of the force.

The underside of the Avenger.

As there were quite a few options for the hard points, so i magnetised the Autocannons.

So you may have noticed that the pictures are a bit different this post. I recently invested in a new light box and lighting kit! Got this one off eBay for a very reasonable price, and I'm loving it so far! I really like the way the pictures are coming out, so i think this'll be the standard from now on.

The GunGrave


  1. That is fantastic! Beautifully done, man.

  2. Very nice, love the conversion work.

  3. Very nice indeed, really love the cockpit conversion

  4. Very nice indeed, really love the cockpit conversion

  5. So nice you say it twice!

    Thanks guys!


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