Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Blessings of the Omnissiah: Questoris Knight Lancer Complete!

As soon as my new airbrush arrived (a swanky Hardner & Steenbeck Infinity) i got straight to work on the Lancer again. Once i got into full flow it didn't take long to get him finished. He's  actually been done for a week or two now, but I've only just got around to photographing him!

This purchase was based on a love for the model rather than a practical gaming application! I know it will be useful, and at the end of the day its still a Knight, but i always found the Lancer rules to be a bit...meh. To me its just a beautiful model, but if he ends up on the battlefield (which he inevitably will at some point) then i think I'll primarily use him for taking on other Knight, Super heavies, and armour.

Anyhoo, here he is!

The carapace trim got the bronze treatment like the Acheron.

I really like the shoulder plates on the Lancer. again the white sections are just waiting for some Mechanicum transfers to be released!

The Gauntlet Shield. I based the OSL (or poor excuse for it!) on the power sources found on the Thallax and Castellax in the rest of the army. The shield was quite warped when i got it but i managed to straighten it out. The sharp eyed amongst you will notice that i shaped the shield in a more conventional manner, rather than the inverted shield shape it was meant to be - just preferred it that way.

The iconic Lance! To big for one photo annoyingly...

The moving parts!

Base is the Mechanicum standard.

The shins got a little extra attention. again these patterns will be supplemented with transfers once they're finally released.

Lastly i took this photo  to show the stride of the Lancer. I always try and go for dynamic poses for my large walkers, so i wanted this model to look like he was about to run another Knight through with his Lance!

Like the other Knight, he got the magnetic treatment. For me they'd just be such a pain to transport otherwise!

I hope you enjoed the Lancer as much as i did! As i mentiioned a few posts ago, i ordered 2 Knight Styrix as welll, one of which is already well underway! more on that soon.

The GunGrave


  1. Fantastic posing. I really think you've got what you were aiming for. Beautiful model.

  2. Very nice job on that. I actually rather prefer your version of the shield, in particular.

    I actually wish there were a Questoris Knight Lancer. The Heavy Stubber would make the Lance's shooting attack so much more viable, since you'd be able to Stubber and Charge something besides what you shot with the Lance.

    I also kind of wish the shield were on the right hand, since all the "mixed" Knights have their CCW on the left, so the shield would be better placed to counter them on the right.

    Those are issues with what Forge World did with it, tho, no intention of detracting from the great job you've done here.

    1. I actually think you can pose the shield on the other arm. Thinking back Im sure the thumb is quite central in the hand, so you could flip the arm and attach it to the right shoulder. The shield itself is separate of course so that won't be an issue. I guess I posses it this was because I'm a righty!!

  3. I agree rules for this is a bit meh but the model is my favourite knight design. The pose helps make this knight more dynamic. I also love the finish and in particular the gold paint work. Also as always you produce minis at a fantastic rate.

  4. This is very very lovely model! I agree with you, sometimes you have to buy, paint and field something for pure love of the model! Im very jealous, it's an excellent paint job :)

  5. That looks fantastic, man! Very evocative posing, and the paint job is top notch!

  6. Thank you all. Keep an eye out for more Mechanicum Knights soon!


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