Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Blessigs of the Omnissiah: Krios Venators

So the painting benders are coming thick and fast at the moment! I'm finding that if i have replications of units that i want to get done, I'm prepping them all at once to save airbrush and undercoating time. This inevitably leads to a swift completion; these only took me 2 and a bit days. 

I've been using a slightly lighter rad to create the contrast on the hulls of the Mechanicum tanks recently. I'm loving the results that the extra sharpness is giving me. Its not to much either, as the Mechanicum tanks have so much detail and brass on them at its broken up nicely.

The contrast worked out great on the beefy gun shields the Krios Venators are rocking. I after I'd completed these two Venators i actually went back and re-painted the gun shield on the first Venator.

Here's the squad together. I will be fielding them like this, as was the aim all along. With 4 S9 AP2 Ordinance 4 shots PER Venator (and only 150pts each!) this unit should be turning enemy armoured units to ash!!

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