Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Terrain: Industrial Generator

Its been AGES since I've knocked out a piece of new terrain. This is mainly due to storage constraints, but when i saw this bit of junk i couldn't resist!

I was in the Technicians Room at work the other day and found this in a box marked for disposal. Its a small pumping unit. As soon as i saw it i started thinking how i could repurpose this - to me it looked like a Grimdark Generator! So i boxed it up and took it home to see what i could do with it. 

A  Terminator Chaplin for scale. as you can see its quite big for 40K. It would even be big enough for some LOS obstruction for Knights.

So first things first, it was cleaned and undercoated. I used Army Painters Plate Metal for this.

Once dry i removed the smaller motor units, blocked out the middle section in black and tapped it up ready for hazard stripping.

Chucked on some yellow. I went old-school here with one of the old GW Foundation Paints 'Tausept Ochere'. I think these are one of GW's better paint ranges, i wish they still did them. They're nice and thick, perfect for stuff like this.

Finished hazard stripes.

For the smaller motor units i sprayed them bronze with the airbrush.

Then reattached to the main unit. They were screwed on, so dead easy to remove and attach.

Finally, a generous wash of black oil paint diluted with white spirit. I also applied a small bit of GW's Oxide paint to some of the rivets and joints.

Voila!!! An Industrial Generator ready for the battle field. I'm very pleased that i managed to make something this good looking out of a bit of junk i found in a box at work!

When i was next in work i had another rummage through that box and found another pump unit! I'll be having that! I quickly made a second.

When i manage to get them in a game I'll upload a few pics.

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