Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Infinity - Aleph Myrmidons

A staple of many an Alpeh list is the humble Myrmidon! For such a small price tag (16pts at base) these guys pack a lot of gear! ODD, Chain Rifles, and smoke grenades to name a few! The boys below are packing a few more toys as well!

This is the base Myrmidon with Chain Rifle.

Next up is a Myrmidon with a Combi Rifle.

Finally for a little more punch, a Myrmidon with Spitfire!

These guys see regular action, and will do for a while yet! Maybe i'll actually get some pictures of my games one day soon...

The GunGrave


  1. They look great. The black/blue skin is really awesome.

  2. Cheers Joe. It's the black that I struggle with, especially when there's a lot of it! I'm never really sure when I've achieved enough shading, so end up over shading sometimes!


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