Friday, 27 January 2017

Infinity - Aleph Thorakite and Zayin Rebot

A double whammy today with a Thorakite with Chain Rifle and a Zayin Rebot with HMG.

I'm looking at getting a Steel Phalanx force off the ground soon, so bought the starter set. The Thorakites are the foot soldiers of the Steel Phalanx (along with the Myrmidons) so it seemed like the best place to start! This guy is packing a Chain Rifle.

To bolster the vanilla Aleph i cracked on with a Zayin Rebot with HMG. This is a great choice for an army, but they are a NIGHTMARE to put together!! To the point where i won't buy another model based on this chassis until they're re sculpted! Shame really, a Total Reaction HMG is a valuable asset! I am very happy with the paint job though.

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