Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Guardians of the Emperor - Legio Custodes Test Mini Complete!

So after a quick re-supply i was able to get the Guardian Spear completed and get this guy into the light box! 

I have to say, the boy looks goooooooood!

Although the detailing does take a bit of time to complete properly (including retouches and adjustments!) it's totally worth it!

I went with a blue power blade for the guardian spear. While i am very happy with the result and look of the blade, i may try straight metallic grey for the next one just to compare.

Very happy with the base selection, perfect for my 'war in the webway' look I'm going for!

I think i may have nailed the colour scheme first time here! The only think i will try is to make the tones and shadows a bit deeper in the pre shading stages. It will just make the details pop that bit more. I may need some sunglasses to look at all this bling!

The GunGrave


  1. Very nice model. I truly like the blue effect on the blade. The gold is a bit to flat for my liking but that is just me. I think a lot of the details in the model gets lost when painting it in pure gold. Personally I like to blend it up a bit with white metal just to get some contrast. But technically it is a very sharp paint job. Love to see what else you got to for this army.

    1. Cheers Agis. I've done a few more now and been able to deepen the shadows a lot more to get a better contrast. Once I get some photos done I'll put them up and you can let me know what you think. It's definitely a challenging colour to paint!!

  2. I like it. As the crab in moana says, you'll never be quite as shiny.

    In other news, I had a few issues trying to access your blog tonight. It may just be the weather, but it took a few attempts to before It would load properly. Also I don't think your previous post showed on my feed.

    1. Yeah I've been struggling with the feeds for a week or so - think I've fixed it now though! If you have any more problems let me know 👍

  3. Lovely armour and Blue Power is cool looking, so keep that

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