Friday, 8 January 2016

Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord Battle Titan (12)

Welcome back bloggers, i hope you all had a good Christmas! Now that the distraction of the festive season is over, its time to get back to business.

The bronze and gold trim has been added to the torso of the Warlord, and is now looking a bit tidier! I'm very glad this stage is complete, it was almost as bad as doing all that gold trim on the toes! 

The vents on the exhaust ridges came out quite nicely, with a decent gold contrast.

The joints and the gyro's were hit with some brass. I didn't highlight these areas, because they will largely be in shadow when the armour panels go on.

The rear of the torso is packed with detail, most of which was picked out in brass. The access door was base coated in grey before getting a thin layer of white sprayed over the top.

I've already started preping the armour panel, which will complete the torso. Just the weapons and the head to go after that....phew!

The GunGrave


  1. Looking good, but I would try to add more contrast to the metal. I think it could do with some more variation to break up the large areas, even though the 3D structure of the model helps in this way I would still add some darker and some lighter areas in the metal.

    1. Hi Agis - yes your right the contrast is important here, especially as I'm not using any washes. Once the model is complete and I can see where the shading naturally lies then extra contrast will be adds to deepen the tones in the recesses

  2. Colour improves everything.

  3. Thanks all! I'm really trying to get this finished off now, getting impatient!

  4. Looking fantastic!
    What a crazy undertaking it is to paint one of these beasts. You are doing it justice!


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