Monday, 11 January 2016

Mars Alpha Warlord Battle Titan (13)

Just a quick update today. The armour panels for the torso are complete affter getting a quiet afternoon to myself!!

With a few more quite afternoons i may be able to get this warlord finished before next Christmas!!

The GunGrave


  1. Yes sir, the only Titan Legion worth painting!

  2. Awesome! More Legio Astorum for the Win! Is this titan on Titan Owners Club yet? I will be very interested (for my own good BIG reason as you know!) what the yellow armour will look like on the finished beast, I am not sure if I want all Blue with Yellow head as standard, or to add yellow armour like this... following with great interest.

  3. Thanks Siph! No I haven't joined up to the TOC yet, been meaning to for ages though! Will have to make it a New Years resolution!

    I do have a plan for the Warlord Legio Astorum colour scheme that doesn't involve overwhelming amounts of blue! It looks good in my head, so hopefully it'll be just as good on the Warlord

    1. Have no idea why you were not in my blog roll... I've fixed that now! Following with interest!! And will be stealing plenty of ideas, can't wait to see the paint job. Yeah, you may be correct, it's a lot of blue otherwise. I've also referenced your blog in my Titan build posts as now it's a good source of inspiration for mine! Great stuff


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