Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Nomad Mobile Brigada

Welcome readers to 2018! I hope you all had a fantastic new year!

I thought i'd start the new year off with some of my favourite Nomad models, the Mobile Brigada! Even before i started collecting Nomads these models really stood out for me. So when i started planning my Corregidor force, i knew at least one of my list had to have a Mobile Brigada link team in it! 

Multi Rifle Brigada. This one is from the Nomad starter set.

Boarding Shotgun Brigada. This guy actually proxies as a Multi Rifle at Operation Firestorm II.

Mobile Brigada Hacker. This lovely lady was able to provide the link with some anti hacker protection by using Fairy Dust on the link.

Finally the Brigada with HMG!

The Brigada with Heavy Rocket Launcher is currently unpainted, but she will definitely feature in future lists to take that Brigada link up to the full 5! Ouch!

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