Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Nomad Themed Infinity Tournament Tray

I got my first tournament box for Infinity around the time i started collecting my Corregidor, so it made sense to paint it up in a Nomad theme (sorry Aleph, you'll have to wait!) 

I bought this off a mate you had an extra one (for some reason!) but the box itself is from a company called Black Sheep (I think!) in the States. Its a cracking box, and fits perfectly into a Battlefoam Infinity bag as well!

The box was painted using an airbrush mainly, and follows the same recipe as the bases i've used for my Corregidor. 

I bought the Nomad and Corregidor stencil sets from Custom Meeple which helped give the box a bit of character!

The underside of the top tray of the box can be flipped over to reveal a model  tray.

There are three compartments to the box, the top tray (above), then a middle tray for your token's etc. The the last compartment at the bottom is for your larger items like templates.

Finally here's a few WIP pics i snapped. As with all MDF products there are a lit of join marks where the pieces fit together. I decided to fill these in to give the box a smoother finish. 

The most stressful part of the painting, the hazard stripes!! Fortunately they come out great!

The GunGrave


  1. I bought a spare as I knew one of the lads would change their mind and want one when they saw it in the flesh. I’m a bloody genius


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