Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Legio Custodes - Guardian Spears

So, after no response to my plea for feedback on my NMM test model, i can only assume that the quality was of such a high standard that it stunned the blogging community into silence! SOOOO its onto the next and final bit of the build: Guardian Spears!

I used the images from the Horus Heresy art books for inspiration, and the conversion was dead easy after that! Some metal rod (5cms long in this case), a trimmed down Bolter, a spike off a Chaos Trophy rack, and a blade (or the most bad-ass bayonet you've ever seen!) made from plasticard.

Here's a pic of a Custodian armed with Guardian Spear and Shield:

So next up on this project, a fully painted Custodian!


  1. superb, simply superb. i would suggest maybe trimming the spear blade some more other then that looks good.
    out of curiosity are you planning on selling these ;)

  2. Looks Great! Scibor model? The pole arm is very nice!

  3. @ Millest: Yeah i did have the same thought about the spear! I was actually going to make it longer, but because im going to add some detail to the blade and then cast it in resin, it will need to be a bit shorter! Sadly no, i wont be selling these particular ones, but i do have something for you if you are intersted! Give me a suitable contact email and we can talk.

    @ OST: Yeah definately Scibors minis, and they are superb!


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