Sunday, 16 January 2011

Legio Custodes: Project Update

Just a quick post here!
The Custodian Body Image problem has been solved! A big  thanks to Scibors miniatures for going ahead and producing some torsos, so i don't have to improvise!! These guys are fantastic sculpts are are going to make perfect Custodians!

Here's a guy some arms and shoulder pads on:

So I'm just waiting for a few more bits in the post (possibly another week or two) and then i get to the really hard part; painting the test mini! You see, these guys are going to be painted in Non Metallic Metal, and as I've never done it before, its gonna take some perfecting! Nothing but the best for the Emperors finest!


  1. The Scibor sculpts are really cool, and the casts look really good. I bought some templar shields, but those cast werent that good, sadly. On the other hand, those bases i bought to were excele nt.

    Will you add marine backpacks or will you leave em as they are?

  2. Yeah they're ace! So far ive had no bad casts off them! Im actually waiting for some bases off Scibor as well to put these guys on.

    I wont be adding backpacks to them - i love the vents on the backs, they're very pre-heresy! Just gotta get the Guardian Spears sorted now (got some shields already) Cant wait to get the first test mini done!


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