Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Blessings of the Omnissiah: Questoris Knight Styrix Complete!

Another mighty Knight is ready to fight for the Mechaniucm! The second Styrix is now complete. All the weapons are magnetised as usual!

The red armour plates received the same black - red shading treatment as the rest of the Mechanicum Knights.

The fantastic bronze carapace maintains the strong visual link with the rest of the Mechanicum force.

I went with something a little different with the shoulder plates of this Styrix. The lower two plates on the shoulders had hazard stripes applied. These were a royal pain to apply, but after 4 attempts i managed to get a result i was happy with! I'm glad i went with it though.

The armour on the legs was kept mostly red this time. I'll be relying on the still-to-be-released Mechanicum transfer sheets to break up  the colour.

The Hekaton Siege Claw. Modelled with its claws more open than the last - i wanted to make it look like it was using its Irad Cleanser on some unfortunate enemy troops!

The fearsome Volkite Chieorovile!

Here are the 2 Styrix together! Apologies for the picture, it was impossible to get both Knights into the light box without a bit of the white edges creeping in!!

Time to get them out killing! Only 1 Knight remains in the meantime; a Knight Errant!

The GunGrave


  1. Looks great, GG. Great shading and lovely copper/brass work : )

  2. looks amazing, how was the brass done?

    1. Hi Millest - it's simply Hashut Copper, then Nuln Oil, the a 50/50 mix of Hashut Cooper and acrylic thinner over the tip. Dead easy!

  3. Absolutely sterling work, man - they look fantastic!

  4. Sweet! Maybe I need to pick up these parts. It just feels weird to assemble the model without the siege claw, but the siege claw sucks. :(

  5. Loving the red, and the hazard stripes. Super effective :)


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