Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Reaver Titan Re-Paint Part 3

Its been a while since i posted on this project, but i have got a lot done since i last posted!

The first think i did was repaint all of the gold trim (and theres a lot of trim!) It was at this point i did start to doubt the wisdom of this idea, but i powered through. Once that was done i was able to progress with the other bits quite quickly. 

The heraldry on the knees needed a lot of attention. They previously looked very dark and boring. I was a bit limited on the left knee as the detail was already modelled onto it. I re did the gold of course, and then i used an airbrush to get a fresher finish on the scroll work. The gold also looks a lot better now - and i can actually replicate the recipe!!

The right knee was a blank canvas so i quartered it to maximise its usage! Hazard stripes make up the top quarter (as per my recent Hazard Stripe Tutorial) with a yellow quarter opposite. The remaining 2 quarters were left blue. The blank quarters will eventually sport some Legio Astorum transfers.

The carapace heraldry was given a lot of airbrush attention to get a smoother gold effect, and a fresher look on the scroll work. The shield on the middle is plain blue, again waiting for some transfers.

I had an interesting little idea while repainting this. I decided to magnetise the void shield generators. This would help me keep track of the void shields that are still active during the course of a game! I'd simply remove a generator when a shield was lost, and add one when it was restored.

Finally, i repainted the head. I kept it yellow as per the Legio Astorum colours, but gave it a much brighter look. I also managed to achieve a much better degree of shading by using the airbrush.

So I'm nearly there! Just the weapons to paint and Praetorian will walk again!

The GunGrave


  1. Excellent stuff and why not submit photos to Titan Owners Club while you are at it? We need more Legio Astorum! Loving the fact that another Warp Runner is being sanctified, welcome Brother ;)


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