Thursday, 24 March 2016

Blessings of the Omnissiah: Ordinatus Ulator WIP 2

Phew, it seem's that i have finally managed to wriggle free of the Hydra's coils for a few moments and get some more work done on the Mechanicum Ordinatus! By some work i mean nearly finished!

Its come a long way since my last post, with all of the base colors down, along with washes, second coats, and highlights. Below you can see the sponson mounted Volkite Culverins that the Ordinatus packs. I have magnetized these purely for ease of transport as they're likely to ping off if glued on.

The main drive unit is complete.

The main weapon carriage is also mostly complete - and i have to say it is rather impressive!

These bits were rather fiddly to paint, even un-assembled.

I followed the Forgeworld's painted example of the Ordinatus fairly closely, but did decide to add some extra brass trim to the main weapon.

The control console is also sporting a Volkite Culverin turret!

I left the weapon un-glued for easy removal. The join meant that i didn't have to magnetize this weapon. You can see the control console a bit better here. I'd like to add some detail to the display screens before i'm finished.

This is the targeting array. I had a lot of frustration with the lenses of the array, i just couldn't get them right! I'm happy with the blue lens, but the red and green lens may see some more attention before i'm done.

The array has also been magnetized for transportation purposes.

Very close to completion now! Just have to do the bits that are still bugging me (lens, display consoles) and the two Mechanicum crew.

The GunGrave


  1. Ah Man! Excellent stuff, loving it. Great details and clean lines, cant wait to see the finished article. It looks a beast to paint as everything has two sides, not a tin box like a Rhino or even a superheavy - like painting Drop Pods! I feel for you, but your progress is amazingly quick. Great stuff.

    1. Cheers Siph - your right, it is a bit of a bitch to paint!Thankfully the color scheme was pretty simple which helped!

  2. Excellent! I was worried when you put it aside that it might be a while before you got back to it.

    1. Ha, so was I! Still a few more bits to go though. I like flitting between models to keep my pallet fresh!

  3. Awesome work man! Really dig how that turned out!

  4. It's looking really, really good! Are you hand or air brushing?

    1. Air brushing for the red colour gradients and then brush brushing for the other colours! I finished off some of the large gold areas with the airbrush as well, mainly on the tip of the Sonic Desructor


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