Friday, 18 March 2016

Coils of the Hydra: Destroyer Squad Complete

Once started it didn't take me long to get the squad finished. To be honest, i haven't enjoyed painting this much for a long time! I think its the use of different colors and paints that's making this project that much more interesting. 

This is the squads Sergeant, marked out by the different markings on his helm.

Legionary with a missile launcher. Yes i know it looks like a grenade launcher! Apparently its a missile launcher according to Forgeworld!

Some details of the jump pack and Alpha Legion Markings. 

The rest of the squad.

This squad will be tasked with weakening enemy characters with their Rad weaponry and attacking key armored targets with their Melta Bombs. It will be quite a costly unit for a 5 man squad, but we'll see how effective they are in play.

Overall i am very please with how this color scheme has turned out, and now i'm even more excited about the Alpha Legion army!

The GunGrave


  1. Those look fantastic! Awesome work, man!

  2. They are very effective, can't wait to see the next batch. What is next by the way?

  3. Thanks both! I'm eying up a Sicarian, so there will be more on that soon

  4. Lovely colour scheme and love the FW models, gunslinger vibe in Marines, awesome

  5. Nice new work, turned out lighter than the test mini's which actually makes them better IMO. Bases are cool too

    1. Thanks Doc - I watered down the wash a bit in the end, which in glad I did. Gave a better finish. I actually didn't consider battle damage either which I may go back and will help break up the Teal colour a bit more then


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