Monday, 30 April 2018

JSA - Keisotsu Butai with Combi Rifle

I've been super excited about the whole JSA uprising, both the evolution of the Infinity story and sweet new models that come with it! Like a lot of people i'm sure, I jumped straight on the JSA train when the models became available, picking up the JSA army box and also the ITS Season 9 Tournament Pack for the alternative O-Youri model.

First thing was first though, i needed to get a test mini done. For this i picked up a Keisotsu Butai, one of three in the JA army box.

I'm really enjoying the black/white/red colour combo's of the box art, so i went straight in for that. The white was a chore, needing to be blended up slowly over several coats to make sure it was smooth. I was quite soft on the highlights for the (now affectionately named) 'Combat Joggers'! As they are cloth i didn't want the highlights to be to severe.

I really enjoyed painting this model and was able to smash this out in just a few hours!

The JSA themed bases are from Laser Army Scenery. They are MDF rather than resin or plastic so i was a bit apprehensive as i'd never tried MDF bases before. I was pleasantly surprised though - the detail was good and they were easy to paint. The thickness was also compressible to the resin bases i'd  been using for my Aleph and Corregidor!

More soon!

The GunGrave


  1. I've been building these minis too! I already had quite a lot of Yu Jing, but I painted all of the JSA stuff in orange like the rest. Fast forward to modern day, and I basically have two armies using the same colour scheme! I'm still going to keep the orange going though as I just love the look it gives.

    I'm liking what you've done with yours so far. it makes me want to start painting mine. The new models are just really cool.

    1. Thanks Blaz! Orange is the new black I hear so your bang on trend! 😜 The sculpts are really nice, definitely looking forward to painting the O-Yori!!

    2. Yeah, I haven't seen you paint anything that big in a while. I'm sure you'll make an awesome job of it, so I'll be interested to see it when it's done.

      I actually got to see Angel Giraldez paint in person a week or two ago at Salute in London. I was really surprised how much brush work he does compared to airbrush (I always knew it was a lot, but he literally roughed out the colours and then went to work blending over the top). I also learnt that "white is not a colour", and that he classes it as a metallic as it is only for reflected light.


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