Monday, 23 April 2018

McMurrogh Mercenary Dog Warrior

If you have been following my Facebook and Twitter feeds you've probably seen this guy get slowly painted up. It was time for some proper pictures of this guy though!

Since i started collecting and playing Nomads i'd heard a lot about McMurrough. He definitely seems to be a 'point and shoot' kind of model aimed at maximum disruption and destruction before he inevitably goes down! Certainly not a subtle weapon - i like the sound of it! I look forward to getting him on the table.

The kilt was a bit of a daunting challenge, but i was pretty set on tartan! It also had to be red to match the rest of my Corregidor force. A bit of planning and preparation ensured that i got close to what i was trying to achieve. When it was all said and done, i was very happy with my first attempt at tartan!

The sword is admittedly an area that will need more work in the future. I did just zap it with the airbrush and added a few quick highlights to get the model finished off quickly (due to exciting new models arriving on the doorstep. more on that next week!)

More soon!

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