Thursday, 5 April 2018

Star Wars Legion - Storm Trooper Test Model

I'm sure I'm not the only person super excited about the release of Star Wars Legion! After I had done a quick flick though the rules and found them very much to my liking I assembled my first few Storm Troopers and had a go at painting one. Here's how I did it.

I was of course going with the classic white trooper. Now anyone who's painted white will know that getting it smooth is a bit of a bitch, so building up the white steadily is key.

Firstly I undercoated the mini in Army Painters Uniform Grey (not pictured) Then I zenith highlighted with Vallejo Game Air Stonewall Grey.

Next I zenith highlighted with Vallejo Model Colour Off White.

Then lastly I zenith highlighted with Vallejo Game Air Dead White.

Then repeat! Its actually pretty quick to do so I can't see it taking to long to get these guys done.

Now the base colour is applied it's time to add the details. There's not may colours on a classic Storm Trooper thankfully! The gloves, weapon, and eye lenses were painted black. The black was then softly highlighted with some thinned grey to make it stand out a bit more.

 I also wanted to add a bit of definition to the white armour, so I added some Army Painter Uniform Grey to the ridges and joins in the armour to give it more depth.

Finally I added some orange to the shoulder pad. Now as not all Storm Troopers are squad leaders, this is a stage just for this trooper. I started with some orange mixed with dark red, then blended up the colour to orange over several layers. To properly finish it off I added some pure white highlights to the edges of the armour.

I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the troopers done! I'm not sure which way to go with the bases yet.....I'm making an Endor table for Infinity so could conveniently go green, but I also really like the new Star Wars terrain coming out of TT Combat so may go dessert/Mos Isley!

More soon!

The GunGrave


  1. Good work, the method is pretty close to what I would have done, only you've done more layers where I'd probably just fire them out at great speed!

    I saw that terrain that TT Combat have been working on too. I'll probably pick some up at Salute this year, not for the Star Wars game, but just because it's cool and cheap. Last year they were doing pretty hefty discounts on their scenery, and it was already cheap to begin with!

  2. Cheers Blaz! Yeah I really love the new TT stuff that's coming! I was making an 'Endor' board for Infinity anyway so terrainwise ive gone that way for now. I'm sure we'll see a Mos Isley table soon enough though!


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