Thursday, 20 September 2018

JSA Keisotsu with Combi's

The more time I spent cranking out the Nomads the more I wanted to really get my JSA off the ground! I only have Senior Massacre and a WarCor to complete for the Nomads, so I decided that was close enough!

Its always super tempting to start with the big cool stuff (Daiyokai Dengetai, O-Yori!) I resisted the temptation though and decided to crank out the Keisotsu to get that core link team formed and ready to go. Besides, I already had a Keisotsu Combi done practicing the test scheme.

These are the two Keisotsu that come with the army box. I made a few refinements to the test scheme; firstly more contrast on the black 'combat joggers'! Decided to exercise a bit of creative license with these! Also the shading on the white is achieved with a light blue rather than grey. I much prefer this to the test model, so this is the standard of white I'll use for the whole army.

This guy is sporting a Bruce Forsyth chin as well!

More from the rise of the JSA soon!

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