Thursday, 13 September 2018

Nomad Alguaciles Lupe Balboa

So tantalizing close to finishing the Nomad lists, I needed to get my Alguaciles link team over the line.

Poor Lupe had been gracing the game tables in chrome for some time now, proving her worth over and over again. I decided to reward her with a paint job!

She was an interesting model to paint, especially with the amount of grey I used. The hair was a particular challenge as I've not had a lot of experience painting yellows. Seeing these pictures I think the hair needs a bit more contrast.

If I'm completely honest that weird green dragon thing was a pain! Kind of got in the way a lot! Everyone needs a hobby I suppose.

Anyhoo, she looks much better now and ready to lead the link team!

The GunGrave

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