Tuesday, 26 April 2011

When is Enough Enough?

This weekend, while i was hiking and conquering all that Dartmoor National Park and her Tor's could throw at me:

(hansome devil)

I got to pondering about the hobby that we all love. Now I'm not usually one for insightful debates on this blog (if it can be called that!), but i got to thinking; 'when will i actually stop collecting toy soldiers?'

Now by this i don't mean 'grow up and do some sort of "Adult" hobby', i mean when will i put a cap on the number of models I'm collecting, painting and converting?

This is obviously a question that can't be answered right away, but it did make me look at my motivations for the hobby. My motivation is like the rest of the hobby world: I like collecting, painting and converting wargames models, simple as that. Then i thought about why i like Forgeworld models so much. Again, its probably like the rest of the world, I like finely detailed and superb looking minis. Then it struck me, as my mouse pointer drifted over to the PURCHASE button on the Forgeworld website later that evening. Why am i buying these Cadian Hazardous Environment Conversion Kits? Simple answer, most might say (well, to anyones who's seen the kits anyways!), but i then realised that i might be buying these minis because I'm obsessed with the BRAND, like a guy who likes Nike and not Adidas!

I've got 4 Imperial Guard Armies (3 of which are Forgeworld), why am i buying minis for a new one?? I'm also trying to get my Dark Eldar off the ground as well, so whats the the point in sinking money into an army i don't need especially when the current project has cheaper minis?


There, i said it. I'm told its the first step towards a cure! I have found what makes my hobby clock tick, and its a desire to collect a brand, no matter how much I've got already.

So i didn't buy those kits, and decided to stop buying any more models until the DE are done, and then put a cap on it after that. I've got 5 playable armies at the mo, with the sixth being built. For me, for the moment anyways, enough is enough, and its time to slow it down!

All this being said, i comfortably predict that this won't last past the summer, when I'm sure they'll be more models that i want, and buying will resume in full, and probably, with a vengeance!

Out of all that text, i hope that you fellow hobbyists can extract the point that I'm trying to make: when do you stop, and what keeps you going?

The GunGrave

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dear Diary - JACKPOT!

Today i went to see one of my Patients Son after work (i say Son, but he could be my Dad at a push!) He said that he had a load of GW stuff that he wanted to get rid of because he's sadly jacking in the hobby.  So i went to have a look and this is what he presented me:

Its a literature motherload! About 50% of it is old stuff, but the other 50% is good up-to-date stuff! How much? Not a penny! He didn't want any money, and even rejected my idea of selling it on eBay for himself. He just wanted to get rid.

It gets better. When i get back from my trip down south to see my family, they'll be more waiting for me, and this time, MINI's (unopened AND used)!

"How much is a lot?" i said
You'll fill up the boot of your car" he said.

I drive a Ford Focus (as does he) and it has a pretty sizable boot! ('Trunk' for my American cousins!) That's a lot of GW hardware!

A big thank you to Mr Owen - i owe you a drink mate!

Now I can't wait to get back from Exeter.....

The GunGrave

Friday, 15 April 2011

Captain Gerek in Taros Assault Vehicle

I'd like you to meet Captain Gerek! This is the special charicter that i was talking about for Blog Wars. Yes, i am taking the Elysians, it was pretty obvious!

Captain Gerek was in command of Dagger Force during the raid on Kastorell-Novem, and acted as a screening force to prevent Ork reinforcements from reaching the main drop zones. He only has one special rule: Command and Control. This enables him to re-roll one failed reserve roll per turn. Basically hes an over-priced, and much poorer version of an Astropath!

As for the painting side of things; it was pretty stright forward. The camo scheme was done to match the Vulture Gunships, as its an army favorite. As a Captian, his ride had to be a bit more interesting than plain tan!

The troopers themselves are painted like the rest, except the armour highlights are a bit more subtle. On this model all you'd see is the hightlights, as everything else is so dirty and muted. Add in LOTS of MIG weathering powder to the wheels and tread plates and its done! The only drawback with this mini, is that it was a PAIN to put together. The instructions were really poor, and the pieces were really fiddily, even for Forgeworld!

So thats me ready for Blog Wars......oh, appart from the Valkyrie that i knocked off the top of the display cabinet this moring - it needs a lot of TLC!

On the table at the moment is a Dark Eldar Raider! Yes, im finally getting back into the DE! I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon assembling another squad of Trueborn, so it'll get painted over the weekend with any luck! Thats if my hands ever stop bleeding! Dam, those Raider kits have got more pointy bits than a Tyranid Trygon!! Its a great kit though.

Hopefully this marks the begining of the new Cabal proper. Im aiming to get this army knocked out pretty sharpish, a month or two prahaps. Providing theres no more hobby distractions, namely Forgeworld Releases!

The GunGrave

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Death Korps of Krieg Armoured Regiment Showcase

As promised, here is the 2000pt Death Korps of Krieg Armoured Regiment Showcase!

Company Command Tank - Leman Russ Vanquisher

Squadron Command Tank - Leman Russ Annihilator

Squadron Command Tank - Leman Russ Annihilator

Leman Russ Squadron 1 - two Demolishers

Leman Russ Squadron 2 - two Leman Russ

Armoured Fist Squad 1 - Chimera with Multilaser, Infantry Squad with Heavy Bolter and Melta

Armoured Fist Squad 2 - Chimera with Multilaser, Infantry Squad with Heavy Bolter and Plasma Gun

Armoured Fist Squad 3 - Chimera with Autocannon, Infantry Squad with Heavy Bolter and Melta

Armoured Fist Squad 4 - Chimera with Autocannon, Infantry Squad with Heavy Bolter and Plasma Gun

Vulture Gunship with Twin Linked Punisher Cannons and Heavy Bolter

Vulture Gunship with Twin Linked Punisher Cannons and Heavy Bolter

As my not-so-local gaming club is part of Aberystwyth University, there no club on during the Easter holidays, so playtesting will have to wait for a bit. Unless Mrs GunGrave is willing to take it on!

Next post - Elysian Taros Assault Vehicle!

The GunGrave

Monday, 11 April 2011

Death Korps Armoured Fist Squads Complete

Its been a tough week trying to find my hobby mojo, mainly due to these factors:

The UK had an unexpected heatwave over the last week, seriously hampering my efforts to stay indoors in the dark and paint! Alas, the rain has now returned to my small corner of Wales (it rarely stays away for long!), so i got back in the Forge, stuck on Return of the Jedi, and settled down for some serious catching up!!

Here are the fruits of today's labour-the two Chimeras for the Krieg Armoured Regiment. These Chimeras are armed with Autocannons for popping lightly armoured transport vehicles, and because i had the points left to spend in the list!!

Chimera 3

Chimera 4

Here they are with their respective infantry squads:

This completes the Death Korps of Krieg Armoured Regiment! The tournament that i was painting it all up for (Bristol Vanguards 'Spoils of War' - if you haven't been, go! Its great!) has now been pushed back from May to November (Grrrr) Never mind, at least it gives me bags of time to play test them. I'll do an Army Showcase for the next post.

So what now? Well, I'm working on a Special Character for Blog Wars at the begining of June. I'm not giving to much away (the enemy may be watching!) but this guy rolls around in a Taros Assault Vehicle. I've got as far as undercoating and applying the camo scheme, so I'll have a few WIP shots chucked into the next post. THEN, I'll be dusting off the Vostroyans for another Tournie at the end of June, as they all need a bit of touching up. After that? I'll be taking a break for a week or two. I've got a few family engagements coming up, and all funds are being diverted to travel and booze! Then it'll be.....Dark Eldar! The Grey Knights are going to be kept on ice for the moment until i can get a decent list together, so pain, suffering, and pointy ears are firmly back on the hobby menu!

The GunGrave

Monday, 4 April 2011

Grey Knights Army List - I Need Some Advice...

Sorry no hobbying this time! Two more Chimeras and a box of Forgeworld are sitting in my Forge, but before i touch them, i want to get this Grey Knight list sorted!

Like most of the country, i rushed out on Saturday and picked up the GK Codex. I've put together a 1750pt list but I'm just not happy with it....and I'm not sure why! Take a look:


Castellan Crowe - 150pts


Purifiers - 275pts
1 Knight of the Flame and 4 Purifiers-120pts
4 additional Purifiers-96pts
3 Nemesis Force Falcions-15pts
2 Nemesis Halberds-4pts
1 Incinerator-FREE

Purifiers - 294pts
1 Knight of the Flame and 4 Purifiers-120pts
5 additional Purifiers-120pts
2 Nemesis Force Falcions-15pts
2 Nemesis Halberds-4pts
2 Psilencers-FREE
2 Incinerator2-FREE

Terminator Squad - 235pts
5 Terminators-200pts
1 Psilencer-15pts
Psybolt Ammunition-20pts
5 Nemesis Halberds-FREE

Terminator Squad - 235pts
5 Terminators-200pts
1 Psilencer-15pts
Psybolt Ammunition-20pts
5 Nemesis Halberds-FREE

Heavy Support

Purgation Squad - 260pts
Justicar and 4 Grey Knights - 100pts
2 Psilencers-20pts
2 Psycannons-40pts
Psybolt Ammunition-20pts
Teleport Homer-5pts
Razorback with Twin Linked Lascannons-80pts

Dreadnought - 150pts
Twin Linked Lascannon-30pts
Twin Linked Missile Launcher-5pts

Dreadnought - 150pts
Twin Linked Lascannon-30pts
Twin Linked Missile Launcher-5pts

Like all of my army lists I'm trying to make it able to Take-On-All-Comers. With the high points cost of things in this codex, its quite difficult! There are a few things that I'm AM sure about in this list:
  • Crowe
  • Both Purifier Squads
  • And I'm pretty sure about the Purgation Squad
Crowe and the Purifiers are monsters in combat, and for me are a 'must have', the Rhinos giving them much needed mobility and flexibility. The Purgation Squad with its Astral Aim power will make it a valuable fire support unit. So the things I'm not sure about are:
  • The Terminator Squads
  • The Dreads
I'm not really sure what I'm trying to do with the Termies. I'm kindda taking them 'cos i want some in the army, but i can't really find a role for them. I thought Fire Support, but there are cheaper alternatives for this role. I gave the Purgation Squad a Teleport homer to help get the Termies where i want them.

The Dreads. Practically they're perfect. Theres no anti-tank in this army, so TL Lascannons and TL Missile Launchers fit the bill nicely, sitting back in the table corners and targeting the armour. Its just that they don't feel right!! Ridiculous i know, but i tend to follow my gut instinct in all things, and I'm not about to change now!

Theres only really 2 stipulations i have with this list:
  • NO STORMRAVENS! - I hate the dam model, and I'm not spending £41 on a model i don't like!
  • No Dreadknights if possible - I'll take or leave Dreadknights, but do acknowledge their valuable firepower and combat skills, so wouldn't rule them out completely.
So what do you think guys?? I'm really stuck on this one, so would really appreciate your help!

The GunGrave

Friday, 1 April 2011

Death Korps Armoured Fist Squads

Its been as very slow week for hobbying, as Ive restarted work after a few weeks off. As a result I'm knackered!! I decided to pick up the paint brush again today and get those Chimeras done.

It didn't take me long, so here they are!

Here they are with their respective infantry squads:

I've got 2 more Chimeras to do and then the Armoured Company is complete and ready to play! I've ordered some more Forgeworld yesterday which included the 2 Autocannon turrets i need for the other Chimeras, which i hope will be here Monday/Tuesday. Then its onto darker projects, of a pointy eared variety!

The GunGrave

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